Our Mission

To provide a platform that is transparent and resourceful to our clients to help take a direct flight to their desired destinations. In doing so develop a life-long cordial relationships by preferring humans over momentary benefits defying the forces of materialism.


The ultimate goal is to make SuperLinks Int. the name that should POP UP every time a student thinks of studying abroad in Pakistan and of course anywhere in the world.

Message from the CEO and Founder of SuperLinks Int.


Since it’s inception SuperLinks International has been a flag bearer of transparency, integrity and professionalism. During the fantastic journey that spans over a period of about 19 years, it has emerged as an epitome of credibility. We always think beyond business and help our students and client institutions achieve their goals and missions as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our team members have always found themselves to grow and develop and achieve their career objectives too in an environment that is respectful, challenging and exciting. This has resulted in wonderful success to us; SuperLinks Int. and team members.

I believe it’s time to re-invent SuperLinks Int. and reach out to the clientele around the globe by innovating and transforming in to an enterprise that is equipped with all the modern technology to lead the pack.

Talat Naeem Butt